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Who is Tailgatemom?

Tailgatemom was started by Christy Dunn (Me) in 2013. As a mother of 4 (2 girls, 2 boys) I was always on the go. First, working as an on-air talent for various T.V. Shopping networks I found myself missing out on everything my kids were doing.My girls were always in Rodeos and pageants while my boys were doing football, baseball, basketball, and track. I had to find a way to balance myself. One of the things I always loved was dress wear for all these activities and I became kind of a point person for all the team mom’s to find great outfits for the various rodeos, games etc. Little did I learn I was great at doing this and after much discussion decided to leave T.V. behind me and start Tailgatemom. The goal of Tailgatemom is to inspire Mom’s young and old alike to get out there and have fun with life! Our brand is designed for Summer fun, Rodeos, Concerts, and anywhere you want to put your feet in the sand and dance the night away! I hope you enjoy life and Tailgatemom can add to the Joy! Peace, Love and be Happy!